How We Help the Homeless Together

Goodwill Rescue Mission’s compassionate care programs seek to give struggling neighbors in our community practical resources that help them through crises — nourishing meals, clothing, safe shelter and more. Many times, these services encourage them to dare to hope, leave the streets and work towards changing their lives.

Whether it was poverty, joblessness, addiction or other life challenges that led these men and women to severe hunger and homelessness, we hope for each of our guests to find new life. A life of dignity and productivity, rooted in the belief of their own worth found in Christ.

Just as arriving at a point of homelessness, real hunger and hopelessness didn’t happen overnight, the path to recovery and self-sufficiency takes time, courage and much effort from our guests.

When trauma, crisis and hardship are woven into the fabric of a person’s life story, you can’t merely pull a thread to make the effects of the past disappear. With this in mind, in the summer of 2016, Goodwill Rescue Mission joined The Bowery Mission, one of New York City’s most respected faith-based rescue missions, to form one organization providing comprehensive resources to homeless individuals in Manhattan and New Jersey.

Now, in addition to receiving food and clothing, shelter, and individualized care, men and women at Goodwill Rescue Mission also receive an invitation to “choose help” by entering one of The Bowery Mission’s residential recovery programs in Manhattan.

These programs provide a full continuum of care, with services ranging from clinical and spiritual counseling, to addiction recovery, life skills and job training, financial counseling, and job and housing placement.

Very often, compassionate New Jerseyans ask the question:
“how can I help the homeless?”

At Goodwill Rescue Mission, we know the power something as simple as a hot meal can have in the hurting lives of a hurting and homeless neighbor. The Mission relies on generous donors and selfless volunteers to provide life-saving services and care seven days a week, 365 days a year, to all who walk through our doors—no questions asked.

We believe that everyone is called to serve in their community, and that each individual has special gifts, skills, and resources to share. Join us in helping the homeless and poor in Newark!