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Hope365 Partners

Our HOPE365 Partners are compassionate, faithful people who believe in giving hurting people a second chance at life. They understand that homelessness is not just about being without a home, it’s about being without hope. Through on-going monthly giving, HOPE365 Partners help restore hope to men and women who want to overcome past mistakes and take steps toward a better future.

Goodwill Rescue Mission is supported by the compassionate gifts of friends who believe in our ministry to homeless and hurting people. We stand accountable before God and before our supporters to use our resources wisely and efficiently.

As a member of HOPE365 Partners, you’ll receive regular updates on how you’re helping Newark’s hungry and homeless. If at any time you decide to end your monthly support, please contact Esther Slack-Metellus, Donor Engagement Coordinator, at 973-621-9560 ext. 110. That’s all that is needed; no explanation is necessary.



WISE STEWARDSHIP—With your monthly HOPE365 Partner commitment, we can process your gifts more efficiently, save postage and printing costs, and reduce the amount of mail you receive from the Mission. Your dollars go directly to food, shelter, recovery … not fundraising.

INFORMATIVE—Each quarter, you’ll receive a receipt, plus our latest Hope Works newsletter with reports of the people your gifts support.

REWARDING—You’ll know the joy of faithfully sharing with others, helping Newark’s hungry and homeless people every month.


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