Programs for the Homeless and Poor

Since 1896, Goodwill Rescue Mission has been committed to serve those hurting, poor and homeless in the Newark and northern New Jersey community with programs that meet basic, immediate needs, while providing hope and practical and lasting solutions to homelessness.

With almost 1-in-3 people living in poverty in Newark, not knowing where your next meal will come from, as well as the reality or close threat of not having a safe place to sleep makes it hard for our neighbors in need to think beyond the present day.

At Goodwill Rescue Mission, we are called to serve and share God’s love with those caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds, first by meeting immediate needs with our compassionate care programs, and then offering hope for new life through residential recovery programs. Whether it was poverty, joblessness, addiction or other life challenges that led these men and women to severe hunger and homelessness, we hope for each of our guests to find a life of dignity and productivity, rooted in the belief of their own worth found in Christ.

Compassionate Care Programs

Our Compassionate Care Programs serve as an intervention to the cycles of poverty and hopelessness by first meeting basic needs with hot meals, safe shelter, warm showers, clean clothes, hygiene items, encouragement from God’s Word and more — no questions asked, 365 days per year, and completely free of charge.

Hope for New Life

Once basic needs are satisfied, men and women are invited to get back on their feet by working with us individually on a plan to regain independence. And for those looking for lasting life change, we offer residential recovery programs with services ranging from counseling, addiction recovery, and job and housing placement.

Goodwill Rescue Mission is working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors in need in Newark and northern New Jersey. Just as arriving at a point of homelessness, real hunger and hopelessness didn’t happen overnight, the path to recovery and self-sufficiency takes time, courage and much effort from our guests. Your gifts provide practical care to hurting and homeless individuals, and invite them to dare to hope for a life of dignity, productivity and independence.