Hope for New Life

Every day, hundreds of people with nowhere else to turn pass through the doors of Goodwill Rescue Mission for a hot meal or other services. Each has a story that brought them to the Mission. For some, it is a recent health crisis or loss of a job that has them choosing between paying their rent or eating.

Regardless of the circumstances that brought them through our doors, each person is welcomed and served a meal with the care that reflects God’s love to them and respects their dignity. It is often through a hot meal and chapel service that guests make the choice to get more lasting help and work at changing their lives.

Residential & Community Programs

In collaboration with The Bowery Mission and New York City Rescue Mission, Goodwill Rescue Mission offers solutions for clients to Make Progress at campuses in Manhattan.

Depending on their needs, clients can choose from our structured residential programs (short-term or long-term) or our non-residential community programs — whichever best fits their needs and empowers them to move from crisis to stability.

On the journey to recovery, each client who is ready to Make Progress works with a social worker to create an individual action plan with specific, measurable goals.

An individual action plan for our clients could include some or all of the following tools:
Vocational Training
Housing Connections
Life Skills Classes
Addiction Recovery
Spiritual Formation
Case Management
Legal and Medical Help

Goodwill Rescue Mission is working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors in need in Newark and northern New Jersey. Just as arriving at a point of real hunger and homelessness didn’t happen overnight, the path to recovery and self-sufficiency takes time, courage and much effort from our guests. Your gifts provide practical care to neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty and other crises, and invite them to dare to hope for a life of dignity, productivity and independence.