Share God’s Love this Christmas

Here are four ideas for you to share God’s blessings in your life with
our neighbors in need this Holiday season:

Bake delicious homemade treats for the homeless and hand them out with one of our resource cards.

Gather friends from your church or coworkers to help prepare and serve a meal together at the Mission.

Make your office Christmas tree a giving tree! Ask coworkers to fill envelopes on the tree with donations for our homeless neighbors.

Instead of exchanging gifts with extended family, work associates or clients, make a donation to Goodwill Rescue Mission in their honor.

Your gifts to Goodwill Rescue Mission this season help keep our doors open to care for homeless and hurting neighbors during the holidays.

Thank you for your giving heart!


Healing and Restoration for the Holidays

For people living on the streets, the holidays can be a painful time. They remember happier days spent with family and friends.

They long to be healthy, whole and restored to their loved ones.

Thanks to the support of compassionate friends like you, men and women going through our programs have found hope and healing. They are working hard to rebuild bridges with their homes and loved ones. And Christmas takes on a new meaning.

Many times, it’s hunger that brings a hurting person to Goodwill Rescue Mission. Meals and short-term shelter help with an immediate need.

At our chapel services, we offer spiritual food, encouragement and hope for a different life. We invite our guests to join our residential recovery programs.

As part of their recovery, men and women in our programs rebuild relationships with family and are connected to a church.

Tonight, many homeless neighbors will brave the chilly autumn air, curling up in abandoned buildings, under bridges, or in parks. We pray for them to find their way to our shelter.

Here, they can receive more long-term support through the residential recovery programs we offer—their first step toward a new life.


You Give the Hopeless a Place to Call Home

This Thanksgiving season, your compassion will help Goodwill Rescue Mission provide more than 30,000 meals for homeless and hurting families, women and men!

During prayer time before a meal, we hear gratitude for everything: from steaming hot turkey to the salt on mashed potatoes. Big or little, your gifts supply something our guests yearn for. Thank you for giving your best!


We stretch every dollar you donate by using food donations to fill our pantry, making our huge grocery list possible!

We rely on volunteers to help us feed the hungry and hurting this season, so we don’t need to hire more staff!

Your generosity provides meals that spark hope and open the door to learn about life transformation programs.

A Complete Thanksgiving Meal


Two Ways to Change Lives this Thanksgiving

Make a Gift:

The Mission works hard to stretch financial gifts the farthest. Give today using the reply slip and envelope enclosed.

Match a Gift:

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. It’s a simple way to double – or even triple! – your impact.

Plan a Gift:

Naming the Mission in your will or as a beneficiary on your retirement or insurance plan ensures that you will leave a legacy of generosity for years to come. Learn more about planning a gift for Goodwill Rescue Mission.


Prep and serve a meal with friends, family and co-workers or help with administrative needs. Every minute helps! Learn more about opportunities to volunteer with us.

Social Media:

Like/follow Goodwill Rescue Mission on FacebookTwitter and Instagram — and share our stories to raise awareness.

Amazon Smile:

Visit and choose Goodwill Rescue Mission as your charity. For every eligible purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% towards helping the homeless in Newark.

Turning Hunger to Hope

When people are weak from hunger, when homelessness and addiction have destroyed their hope and self-esteem, it’s easy for them to think there’s no way out of their desperate situations.

But thanks to the compassion of friends like you, at Goodwill Rescue Mission this Easter, hunger can end – and hope can begin!

Hope can start with one meal at the Mission…

Because of your support, we’re able to help hundreds of neighbors start a path toward new life!

Broken and hurting men and women can receive the guidance and care they need. At the Mission, beginning with basic needs, hunger is satisfied, shelter is provided, and God’s love is shared every day.

And for those ready to transform their lives, long-term faith-based residential recovery programs are offered through New York City’s Bowery Mission, where men and women have access to counseling, addiction recovery, education and vocational training.

We are so grateful for the support of generous friends like you, who give with joy during this season of hope. The meals you help provide this Easter remind our homeless guests they are worthy of new life – a life of dignity and purpose.

Thank you for offering God’s love at the Mission in the form of meals, shelter and other lifesaving care.


You Welcome Neighbors with Warmth and Hope

Most men like Terrence never imagined they’d have to come to Goodwill Rescue Mission. But all of us know someone who has lost a job. The strain of losing an income not only comes with pressure to find something new; it can lead to back payments on rent… and eventually homelessness.

It’s unbearable to think about having to survive on the frozen, icy streets. The reality is far worse. Hypothermia, frostbite, and pneumonia threaten the homeless each winter day. But your generosity to Goodwill Rescue Mission gives men in need a warm, safe alternative!

Thanks to partners like you, Goodwill Rescue Mission welcomes men to our Emergency Shelter. They come just as they are… cold, hungry and tired… and you give them a warm place to sleep, a meal to eat and rest from the worries they face.

For some of our guests, receiving temporary refuge as they get back on their feet is a godsend. A shower at night and breakfast before a job interview provide much-needed confidence. For other guests, your kindness encourages them to seek more long-term support. Counseling, job skills training and spiritual guidance lead many men toward lasting life transformation

Terrence was renting a house that went into foreclosure. Just like that, he needed a safe place to stay: “The Mission takes away the worry of where to sleep. Simply freshening up in the morning helps me do my work as I strive to regain stability.”

Gabriel slept in abandoned buildings before he came to the Mission. He thanks God for the chance to seek a new job! “I lost my job and couldn’t pay rent. I don’t have family to depend on, but the Mission took me in right away. Goodwill Rescue Mission is a blessing, and is helping a lot of people.”

A trucking accident took Richard away from work. You have given him stability as he recovers: “Goodwill Rescue Mission is truly a safety net. I had been living paycheck to paycheck and didn’t know where to go. Here, I got help immediately. I thank God for the Mission donors!”


Your donations help restore dignity to those living on the street

One of the greatest needs we have during the hot summer months is providing Emergency Shelter & Shower guests with simple, basic products they can use to clean up and feel better about themselves.

Because we know that when they feel better, they’re in a better position to make more lasting changes in their life.

New, unused toiletries needed:

  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Socks
  • Underwear

Please bring your donation to 79 University Avenue, Newark, NJ at any time.
Thank you for your generosity!


Monthly Support Ensures Daily Care

Every day, Goodwill Rescue Mission expects to serve more than 300 meals to Newark’s hungry and homeless. It’s the kind of daily care that requires special ongoing support. That’s why our HOPE365 Partners are such a valued and vital part of everyday life at the Mission.

HOPE365 Partners are compassionate, faithful people who choose automatic monthly giving to support the Mission each month. Automatic monthly giving assists us in budget preparation and also helps the Mission:

  • Use your gifts more efficiently
  • Save on postage and printing costs as we mail you less
  • Offer stability for guests who need food and care each and every day

The blessing isn’t in the amount given each month, but in the faithful generosity we can count on throughout the year.

If you feel God is calling you to become a HOPE365 Partner, please join online today, or contact us at (973) 621-9560 ext. 110. Thank you!