Pray for Our Homeless and Hurting Neighbors

Prayer is at the center of everything we do at Goodwill Rescue Mission. We rely on God’s provision through generous friends like you to be able to provide hope to our homeless and hurting neighbors when they need it most. We also rely on His help to address the needs of each of our guest in a way that shows God’s love for them.

Please join us in prayer for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and many different kinds of need.

How to pray for our homeless neighbors

The needs of our homeless and poor neighbors can range from physical, immediate needs, to more profound, emotional and spiritual.

We are grateful that you are joining us to pray for our guests and the work we do for them.

To help you get started, below are 5 specific needs you can consider lifting up in your personal prayers.

Pray for protection

Our guests come to Goodwill Rescue Mission from different backgrounds and with different needs. Some have been living on the streets for years. Some are in need of a helping hand as they struggle to make ends meet for them and their families. And others are facing a recent crisis coming from a medical emergency or broken relationships.

Pray that those living in fear of losing their homes find their way to our doors, and that they find the practical and emotional help they need at the Mission. Pray also for those without homes, that they learn and experience the safety of our shelter program.

Pray for open hearts

For many of our hurting and homeless neighbors, years of struggle and hardships have embedded deep in their hearts that they are not worthy of love and nobody cares for them.

Pray that each and everyone of our guests get to know God’s love for each one of them, in very individual and practical ways; and that they feel supported and cared for by our staff and volunteers.

Pray for God’s guidance and courage

For our guests with deeply rooted struggles, the way out from homelessness and addictions seems out of reach. Hopelessness takes over and self-confidence becomes weaker with every passing day.

Pray that they put their trust in God, and that they find the courage to join the residential recovery program to which we are inviting them. Pray that God’s guides their hard work in this program, as they continue in the path toward new life in dignity and with self-sufficiency.

Pray for our staff

Each one of our guests has a unique story and specific needs we want to help them with. Our staff faces daily challenges to meet these needs, either because of the overwhelming nature of their work, or for normal personal and family demands.

Pray for our staff to put their trust in God when challenges feel too hard to overcome. Pray for resilience and strength not to grow tired as they perform their daily responsibilities. Pray for joyful hearts so they overflow to our guests and shows God’s love in everything they do.


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