Your gift of $19.80 will provide a meal and HOPE for 10 hungry and hurting people.

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    Your Early Bird gift will help fill plates for the hungry people of Newark this fall.

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    10 Facts About Homeless Veterans

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    See how Goodwill Rescue Mission enables people to Dare To Hope.

The Reality

Not unlike many areas across the country, our community is experiencing an epidemic of homelessness, addiction, poverty and despair. Discover the facts about these afflictions.

Our Response

Through our comprehensive programs of Compassionate Care and Life Transformation, broken and despairing individuals can dare to hope for a life of dignity and meaning.

Your Impact

We rely on the compassion of community partners to restore hope and reshape lives. We offer meaningful ways to come together in prayer, fellowship and financial assistance to provide a foundation of support for our ministry.

Serving the Poor and Homeless of Newark Since 1896.

Goodwill Rescue Mission empowers the poor, homeless, and addicted of Newark to encounter Christ through compassionate care and comprehensive life transformation that meets immediate needs and encourages many to dare to hope for a life of dignity and dedication to being a contributing member of their community.

From The Executive Director

“I am excited to serve as Executive Director of Goodwill Rescue Mission because the position represents the perfect blend of experience I have gained in for-profit business operations, pastoral ministry and life in general. I have a heart for people, especially those who have stumbled, fallen, or were born into challenges most of us can’t fully appreciate. I look forward to investing in the lives of those God brings to the Mission and seeing them freed to fulfill His call for their lives, as I seek to broaden and deepen the Mission’s roots and impact in the community.”

– Executive Director Rev. Hector L. Vega