Serving the poor and homeless of Newark since 1896.

Goodwill Rescue Mission is one of New Jersey’s oldest faith-based rescue missions. For more than 120 years we’ve been providing meals, shelter, and other life-saving services to neighbors experiencing homelessness, hunger and other crises in Newark and Northern New Jersey.

We partner with local leaders, churches, corporations, schools, and compassionate people just like you to demonstrate God’s love by first meeting the immediate needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness and hunger. We work hard to make sure these neighbors have free access to basic needs and emergency services. And for those looking for a change, we give them access to faith-based residential recovery programs for men and women, where lives are restored to dignity and lasting productivity. Ultimately, we want these services to be an encouragement to them to experience God’s love and dare to hope for a life of purpose and lasting productivity.


In Essex County, 2,000+ individuals experience homelessness every day.

Trauma, loss of job, addiction, and abuse are among the many causes of homelessness.

24% of New Jersey’s homeless population resides in Essex County – making it the #1 county in NJ suffering from homelessness.


Goodwill Rescue Mission will enable the poor, homeless, and addicted of Newark to encounter Christ through compassionate care that meets their immediate needs encouraging many to dare to hope for a life of dignity made possible through the Mission’s spiritually rich and vocationally focused program of sustainable comprehensive life transformation.


Goodwill Rescue Mission will be the most effective provider of compassionate care and comprehensive life transformation services to people experiencing homelessness and hunger in Newark, enabling them to dare to hope that they can be fully restored in the dignity of their humanity as they embrace a lifestyle committed to being a productive member of their community.


Everyone’s welcome
—no questions asked

We’re currently the only shelter in Newark for people who do not have ID or cannot access government assistance.

Basic needs and emergency care

Hot, nutritious meals and radical hospitality to help break cycles of poverty and hopelessness.

Residential recovery programs

Men and women receive an invitation to “choose help” by entering one of The Bowery Mission’s life-transformation programs.


Our History
For over 120 years, we’ve served the neediest in Newark in faith and love.

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